How to Sharpen Hair Clippers

If your hair trimmer is just not cutting your hair very well when you finish oil those main blades, perhaps the main blades might possibly be dull. As you get started with hair clippers to cut your hair, it will pull on your hair, and in addition unequal, jagged lines may be remaining in possibly the most accurately completed haircut.

As the blades rub up with each other, the blades sharpen the edge, so Hair trimmers are often designed to hone on their own. But, to enable such self-sharpening effect to have complete effects, the cutting blade has to be often oiled & wiped down.

Make full use of this unique do-it-yourself washing procedure to protect & pamper your own blades then you are able to keep your hair cut looking sharp.


It could be extremely important to find out what is leading to the clippers to go dull before you start the procedure to hone the blades. Oftentimes, users have simply just not oiled the hair clippers. It’s of course a possibility that the hair clippers have actually been lying around rarely used and thus begun to undergo rust. In the event whichever of such things have actually been contributing reasons, go ahead and take away the couple of screws that have been holding the stationary cutting blade in position. Remove the cutting head. Then, fill one small bowl using isopropyl alcohol, and after that put the components in. Ensure that each and every particular portion should be offered a good rubdown, and also all the gunk has to be wiped away completely.


The second step is to completely clean both blades to wipe out rust along with any hair that may have turned jammed between blades. A tiny piece of metal wool as well as a tooth brush is generally enough for this purpose. These trimming surfaces can be harmed by nearly anything coarser as well as far more coarse and it will bring on gaps turning honing extremely hard.


Sharpen the cutting blade by using a honing stone. Briskly rub the sharp edge in one single direction against the sharpening stone, simply the way you’d hone a knife. You may just accomplish a couple of swipes towards your sharpen stone as the majority of hair clippers are made to hone on their own and so once these haIr clippers get thoroughly clean. The clippers would work much better.


A big amount of machine oil is required to be given to the metal. Reattach your outer cutting blade. Next turn the hair clipper on and enable the clipper to move for not less than 5 short minutes. To guarantee the appropriate honing behavior takes place. It should be necessary to modify the spacing between the blades as well as to adjust the unit’s power. This would hone the blades.

Well-maintained Hair trimmers not just only provide a far better haircut but they are also hygienic, so it’s well worth the effort to maintain your clippers sharp & completely clean. You should try it in action and you might discover that the clipper is as nice as new.


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